“Diva” is a title that Kim Massie proudly embraces, and this award-winning vocalist has earned it. A boomerang child who moved to Ohio and later returned to the Gateway City, the “Siren of Song” has claimed Beale on Broadway as her home, performing celebrated, groove-inducing tunes several times a week. Often classified as a blues songstress, Massie isn’t content to limit herself to one genre; her legendary voice also packs punch on rock, gospel, funk, jazz and more. Slip her $20, and prepare to be blown away by her rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” or Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love.” Two snaps up for this diva!” – River Front Times, Special Edition 2014

Kim Massie’s reign in the St. Louis entertainment scene pushes beyond the gates of the stage: her personality is a drawbridge to the audience.  Her audiences span the gamut of taste, everything from blues, soul, rock n’ roll, children’s tunes, and she can make every note of it, upon request. “Don’t worry, I got my i-pad!” she assures fans as she settles in on stage.  Though, if you’re requesting a song, a dollar won’t cut it: she’ll assure you of that too though if you forget.

Massie has shared the stage with artists such as Cyndi Lauper, India Arie, Nelly and Chuck Berry and been awarded Best Vocalist of the Year by RiverFront Times (twice) and a Grand Center Visionary Award. She has performed for organizations such as Major League Baseball, Purina, Boeing, and at esteemed venues and events such as the Missouri History Museum, Big Muddy Blues Festival, Davenport Blues Festival, Emerald City Blues Festival, and the Blues Rising Festival.

“I listen to everything, everything!” Massie exclaims, “I’m a songstress, an entertainer.”